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Under Arms - Peel-off Wax (1 Treatment Coupon)

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Recommended For:-

-Stubborn and thick hair

-Sensitive area


-Gently remove unwanted hair from the sensitive area

-Most hygienic way of waxing

-Less painful than strip wax

Points to Remember:-

-We highly recommend Peel off wax on sensitive areas - underarms

-Please do not insist on any other variant of wax to be applied on underarms

-If getting waxed for the first time : possibility of getting hives / inflammation on the skin is normal which subsides in few hours to few days depending on person to person

-Ensure AC is switched on for waxing service

Coupon valid for 2 weeks upon purchase date. Duration of the service will be 10-15 minutes. The service will be walk-in only.

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