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NECK & BACK MASSAGE + Glycolic Peel Facial + Full Arms Waxing (1 month)

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This package will expired within 1 month. 

Service Time: 6 sessions valid for 1 months / 2 Hours per session


If your back feels sore and tired and you experience a sharp pain in the movement of your neck and back, it probably means that your back and neck are experiencing a lot of strain and stress. This massage is especially recommended for those who are suffering from back and neck pain.

The Neck and back massage usually involves our expert therapists gliding their hands on your neck and back, and squeezing, gentle thumping, kneading and many more techniques to unblock the knots inside your muscles and boost blood circulation.

We offers a varied range of back and neck massages to relieve the pain and help you feel amazing during and after the massage.

Glycolic Peel Facial:

Our medical-grade glycolic acid peels are an excellent treatment to aid in exfoliation, cell renewal, fine lines, large pores and acne problems. This treatment will leave you with a fresh and radiant complexion. We will vary the strength of the peel for gradually increased therapy and individual client care.

A renewing treatment which combines the benefits of the glycolic acid peel with our Customized Spa Facial. The medical grade glycolic peel exfoliates the skin to promote cellular renewal while the customized facial soothes the skin. The products will penetrate deep into your skin allowing for corrective results.

Full Arms Waxing:

Recommended For:-

-Unwanted hair on hands & underarms


-Removes unwanted hair from hand and underarms gently

Points to Remember:-

-We highly recommend Peel off wax on sensitive areas like underarms.

-No cuts, wounds, bruises or skin Infection on the area to be waxed

-Area to be waxed shouldn't be shaved in the past 30 days

-Hair should be at least 1/4th of an inch to be able to wax properly

-If getting waxed for the first time : possibility of getting hives / inflammation on the skin is normal which subsides in few hours to few days depending on person to person

Coupon valid for 1 Month upon purchased date. The service will be walk-in only.

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